Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wow!  Has it really been 2 weeks since I have visited with you folks?  Good gravy,  you must all think I have forgotten about you.  Well, I have not!  I have just been busy coming up with some new creations.  Wanna see?

There are these.  Yes, I have gone a bit ring happy lately.  See, there was this challenge, the Blissful Garden Beads Ring Challenge.  You can see all the rings, including mine, here and here: .   No, I did not win but that does not matter.  I was more than inspired by the whole process of it and now I am making more rings to delight all of your senses.

Garden of Bliss Ring

This is my challenge ring.  The bead is surrounded much like a cabochon would be, with 3-1 Half Persian chain and he band is a weave called Forad's Kaede.  It is a nice dense weave that has a wonderful texture that light just glints off of. 

Pearl Solitaire Ring

This is another version of the solitaire style, this time with a 4-1 Half Persian weave band.  The pearl is a freshwater pearl in a wonderfully rich gold.  This style can have any kind of stone, including gemstone beads, crystals, pearls or even set stones if that is what your heart desires.

This one and the Garden of Bliss Ring, above, are amazing to wear, since they move with your fingers.  The slight give of the chain also makes them incredibly durable as well as incredibly delicate looking.

Eternity Band - Mother's Ring Style

Mother's Ring - Bypass Style

The ring on the left is and Eternity Style band.  It is made from many, many tiny little jumprings using the Double Spiral Weave and features tiny Swarovski crystals 'in the channel'.

Here you can see the Mother's Ring.  This uses the same chain weave but is arranged in a Bypass style to hold the 'stones'.  The swarovskis here are the colors for November, May, September and February.  In the image below you can see the ring laying flat in my hand.  Flexible yet strong, this ring is amazingly comfortable to wear.
Mother's Ring off the finger

Another lovely piece I have been working on is a Cross.  Yes, I know, you have seen my Crosses before... you most likely have heard me rant about how it is my copyright design and there are far too many folks who think they can make them without my permission, and yes, I am sure you know that I am in the process of filing my Trademark for them, but trust me, you have not seem them like this.

Baby Celtic Cross

This tiny treasure is just over 3/4 of a inch long.  That is my finger it is sitting on in the image, and you can see that is is not much longer than my finger is wide.  This one is on a tiny pin which is embellished with AB Clear crystals.  These can be made with the baby's birthstones, child and parent birthstones, simple blue or pink, or in any other color that may tickle your fancy. 
Yes, it is THAT flexible!

The most spectacular thing about these is just how flexible they are.  No pokies for baby no matter how much they wiggle and move.

Funny story.  Someone was looking at some of my pieces one day and a woman picked up one of these tiny Crosses and I watched her face as she lifted it.  "Uhm, I think I did something here...." she said softly.  I smiled and took the Cross from her, commencing to watch her face turn dead white as she watched me kinda roll it into a little ball.  When I held it up to her and she saw that it was still as good as new she was thrilled.  Yes, I made the sale... in fact she bought 2.
So small....
View of the pin

In the picture left you can see just how this Cross measures up.

To the right, you see the diaper style pin that holds the Cross to babies undershirt or other garment.  I also sell these with chains, which can be embellished with the child's birthstones.

I have also been working furiously on keychains.  I have a friend here in PA who just moved her store.  Melissa, that is her name, Melissa, and she owns Hidden Treasures, PA in a nearby town called Pottsville.  She sells all kinds of antiques, collectibles and vintage goods.  You should check it out if you are up this way.

Anyways, she wanted some of my work, but was not sure what.  We talked and thought and came up with keychains.  The thinking being that they are a good, relatively inexpensive way for folks to get a taste of EyeCandy work and then they will come back for more... and more precious.

Celtic Cross Keychain
Rose Centered Celtic Cross Keychain

 To the left is a Celtic Cross.  Of course, you had to know that one of the keychains would be my copyright piece.  Well, actually 2 styles.  The one on the right has roses attached in the center of both sides.

These are made from aluminum and are light, flexible and look great!

Byzantine Pentagons w Worry Bead

These are of some of the other keychain designs I worked on.

The Byzantine Pentagon keychain, left, has a worry bead in the center for fiddling.

Below left, are my Byzantine Squares.  These are the same as my Byzantine Squares earrings with the exception of the worry bead that was added to the keychain.

Below right, Byzantine Diamonds.  These are just cute!!!

Byzantine Squares w Worry Bead
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See, I really did not forget you all, I have just been occupied with coming up with wonderful designs.

Okay, so should I tell you a little story.... hmmmm.  Okay!

Tuesday, I went out.  I went to the post office and to the store.  I went by myself.  Now, I know that does not seem a big deal, but bear with me.  See, I have some health issues.  I have fibromyalgia which sometimes knocks me for a loop, making it hard to do much, and I have bipolar disorder.  Lots of folks have that, you might be thinking and you would be right, except I get no relief from the medications.  They just do not work for me and the few that offer some help, I can not tolerate, so I do this all on my own.  So Tuesday was a big deal.

I went to the post office and got wonderful things while I was there.  My ring from Bette Lushka-Gamell came and my earrings from Bobbi Maw came.  I also got some pretties I was waiting for.  I then went on my way to the store, nothing special, just some Swiffer cloths and a broom.  Yeah, boring stuff, I know.  The thing is that I did it on my own and as I was driving home I realized that.  I was not feeling overwhelmed or panicky, which is common for me.  And I did not have the screaming in my head.

I thought about that for a moment and then I laughed.  The voice (no, I don't mean I hear voices, I am referring to that little voice that we all have that plays in our heads as we go through our days) really is kinda funny sometimes.  I will think, I need to go get something.  The voice will say, "You mean out there?  Someone will see us!  They might talk to us!  Then we will have to talk to them and... and... what if we say the wrong thing?  What if we forget how to get there?  What if the sun comes out and it gets on your skin?  What if... What if... "

I have been told that many folks have dialogues in their heads like that, but mine seems to have the ability to stop me from doing the things I want to be able to do.  It works better than an armed guard and locked door to keep me inside.  That, apparently is what the anxiety part of my illness has the power to do.  But anyways, Tuesday was a good day, and most of all, that is what I wanted to share with you all!  Good days are the best!!

I am slowly getting my new pieces into my shops.  You are all invited to stop in and take a look around.  Maybe, just maybe, you will find something wonderful that just wants to come home to you.  I promise to pack it lovingly and ship it off to you quickly, if that happens!!

All Blessings,


  1. What a fabulous post - lots of yummy goodness! I love the baby pins..
    On the other side of your post, I have FM and Bi Polar too and I totally understand your inner dialogue - I haven't been out-out since Christmas.I'm really happy that you beat your demons even if it was just for the one day (until the next time :D )
    love and light
    Faye (Twisted Imaginings)

  2. I hope you will take advantage of your good days as well, Faye! Those are far too few and far, far too long between.

    All Blessings!

  3. These are all so wonderful and sweet, and gorgeous! I'm glad you got out and told the idjitty voices to hush up! Hugs, Miss Candy!