Monday, February 14, 2011

Polyclay Magic....

Today's feature is 2 Good Claymates, a husband and wife team out of British Columbia, Canada.

Gecko Brooch - 2 geckos are the 2 Good Claymates logo image
Carolyn and Dave Good make all kinds of amazing jewelry, household and art pieces in their home studio.  Carolyn, the main force behind 2 Good, states she has always been interested in design work, first in the textile arts, later in the floral arts having once owned a flower shop, and then into the beading arts and polyclay.  "Color has always played an important role in my art," says Carolyn in her Artfire bio, "so it was only natural to branch out into bead work and since discovering polymer clay, I've been able to apply all of these techniques to this new art form. Being a practical person, I feel my art will always complement the person or the home."

Among the amazing and useful pieces that you can find in the 2 Good shops are Candle Collars and Switch plates.  2 Good even accepts custom orders for them.
Chili Peppers Double Switch Plate Cover
From the just for fun look of the Chili Peppers, left, to the elegant and highly textured Exotica, below right, and on to the fun and fabulous Personalized switch plates, below center, for a child's room, you can see just how fabulous these plates are.  They are all coated to keep them looking beautiful through years of use.

Exotica Single Switch Plate Cover
Personalized Children's Switchplate

For those among us who make jewelry, 2 Good offers fantastic beads filled with rich color and in a number of varieties, as well buttons galore for textile or jewelry use.

Tiger Print - Made To Order
Zebra Print Pendant

These amazing pieces are not only a work of overall design but require lots of patient practice and anticipation of how the clay and colors will move when they are being layered during the caning process.  Carolyn's talent and obvious skill are really showcased in these Animal Print treasures.

Light Vintage Rose Textured Lentil Beads

This is a fabulous example of how these beautiful little lentil beads can be used.  Carolyn shows them as a necklace, bracelet and earring complete ensemble.  You can see the amazing amount of detail that is captured in the beads as well as the additive affect of the other handmade beads that are used for this set.

Antique Copper Textured Tube Beads

Among my personal favorites are these tube beads. 

In the description for these Carolyn states that she uses her own technique to create these so there is no seam.  This is a wonderful feature that really enhances any design they could be used for.  The beads are all finished so they maintain the shimmering metallic finish.

Me, I love the colors and texture 2 Good has available.  I can imagine including them in a fabulous necklace with lengths of Gold Filled or shiny raw bronze chainmaille between them.

Now, don't imagine that you can not get amazing, stylish and just gorgeous pieces of ready to wear jewelry from 2 Good.  Carolyn and her husband work hard to make some fun and stylish pieces that are great in sets or single statement pieces.

Amparo Blue and Turquoise Bangle

This pretty piece features the swirling movement that is so typical of polyclay, though I think we can all agree that this piece is anything but typical.  Pretty and ready for that Caribbean vacation, a wonderful week long cruise or just a summer-time flash of color.

Amethyst Weave Textured Earrings

Amethyst Textured Tube Bead Ribbon Necklace 
These fabulous earrings, left, show lots of texture and an elegant grace of design.  The coordinating necklace, right, is yet another showcase of the amazing seamless tube beads, this time in Amethyst tone.

Blue and Gold Shawl / Scarf Pin

Can you just see yourself in your favorite shawl or long, thick scarf and this richly toned and patterned pin holding it perfectly in place?  I can!  Understated, elegant and the perfect accessory for those loose knit essentials.

The latest additions to 2 Good's lines is the Country Charm Collection.  These pieces not only offer themselves as yet another example of Carolyn's design sense, but are made using a "special technique where no two piece come out alike."  Real, one of a kind treasures.

Layered Feather Earrings in Honeysuckle Pink

Feathers!  The birds would be jealous if they could see these.  Well, maybe not, but they are really amazing and look like they would be lots of fun to wear.

Boot Bracelet - Olive Green and Gold Lizard Tail
Boot Bracelet -Black and White Lizard Tail
Couldn't you just picture yourself walking into the Toby Keith concert or the Summertime Rodeo Event with one of these wrapped around your boot?  I could!  I can't help but find myself staring at the amazing movement and color in them.   And to think, not one lizard was harmed to create them.

Below is a composite image of the Blue Feather pieces that are part of the Country Charm Collection. 
The Country Charm Collection

Stop by and check out what 2Good Claymates has for you.  They are way friendly and always happy to answer your questions.  Oh!!  Oh!  I almost forgot.... they sell a few tutorials too, so even us clay novices can learn to make amazing clay works, though I am sure it would be damned hard to even match the beautiful pieces that 2 Good makes.

You can see these pieces and so much more at the following 2 Good webshops:


Thanks for stopping by!  All Blessings!


  1. Wow! Thank-you so much for writing this wonderful article Candy! If I ever have a book published I will have to get you to write the forward!


  2. How could I not write a great post? Your work is impeccable and certainly deserves all the praise anyone can muster for it. BTW, congratulations to you and David on 25 years together. May you have many, many more.

  3. Such pretty things! Thank you for introducing me to their work!