Monday, January 17, 2011

Featured: Bobbi Maw

Today's Featured Artist is Bobbi Maw of My Wired Imagination Jewelry.

Bobbi is a wonderfully sweet and compassionate woman who specializes in wire based jewelry.  Her work is an inspiration for many of us who make jewelry and she is both an in-person teacher as well as fantastic tutorial writer.  On her Artfire blog she mentions coming to wire based jewelry after a car accident ended her career as a graphic designer, but you can see a lot of the artistic elements of that work in her jewelry.

Known to many of us as the Ring Queen, Bobbi does fantastic rings as well as tutorials so those of us who want to avail ourselves of "learning from the best" can.

Wire Wrapped Mosaic Opal Ring

Opal, a favorite of Bobbi features prominently in her work and this ring is an example of that.  A vibrant Mosaic Opal is expertly set in 14Kt Gold Filled. 
Crystal Waters Sterling Silver Ring

Among Bobbi's newest of designs, this is a version of her Marcella Ring.  Named after Bobbi's mom, this ring is a wonderful piece that she sells as finished work, tutorials for those who want to make their own and in kits, with all the necessary supplies included.  This one is called Crystals Waters
Fancy Prong Set CZ Ring

This is one example of Bobbi's Fancy Prong Ring for which she holds the Registered Copyright.  Though the tutorial shows a more basic version of the ring, this piece is still based on the same sound design priciples.  She lists the stone as a CZ and the wire is fabulous Gold Filled.

Handmade Knot Ring In Fine Silver

 This is Bobbi's Knot Ring.  This is a wonderful example of using traditional knotting techniques and moving them into the world of jewelry.  Bobbi sells finished rings as well as tutorials for this fabulous design.  In the listing for the tutorial, Bobbi states, "The design is loosely based on a combination of the Josephine Knot and Carrick Bend Knot, and inspired by Loren Damewood - ‘the Knot King’☺"

Bobbi's repertoire of designs is quite long and someone only needs to take a look at her Tutorial sites to see just how many wonderful designs she is responsible for.  From bracelets to pendants to earrings, Bobbi's creativity spans the gamut.  The tutorials are filled with extensive explanations for each step.  The images are clear and numerous making them easy to follow.  Bobbi's utmost concern is making sure her students have the best possible experience making their jewelry.  She strives to develop the love of creation in her students.

Amazing by itself, The Wire Wrapped Swarovski Bracelet, above, is the jumping off point for her Crystal Hoop Earrings, shown right, and the Marcella Ring, shown left.  All three tutorials highlight Bobbi's experience and design prowess and are great for beginners to more advances students to work with.

 Bobbi's 2 Hinged Cages are an amazing and unique way of keeping special things close to your heart without having to worry about holes for pendant bails or damaging your precious keepsakes.  These cages are also a great way to show off a fabulous stone specimen.  They can be decorated and personalized in any way someone would like.  Bobbi's designs all give the student tons of options for making the pieces their own while still keeping the instructions very thorough.

The Ornate Double Terminated Focal Clasp is another example of genius.  The piece can be made/used as either a focal for a bracelet or pendant OR it can work as a clasp with a perfectly hidden closure that adds a lot of characer to any design it is incorporated into.

I invite you all to go and take a look at Bobbi's finished work in her Artfire Shop or any of the tutorials she has on offer at her Etsy Shop.  Bobbi also sells complete kits to make the pieces she sells instructions for.

Please enter your thoughts and comments.  I would love to hear about your experiences with Bobbi's work.



  1. I have been away from my computer for the most part for a couple weeks now, and was so blown away to see this Candy!! It brought tears to my eyes. I am so truly blessed to have such a wonderful friend!!!
    Thank you for thinking so highly of what I do!!
    I love the title of your blog!! - I guess I too get by with the help of my wonderful friends too!

    Big Hugs - muah♥

  2. Your work deserves to be featured everywhere. I am glad you are happy with this and hope it will bring you many more new folks who love your work.

    All Blessings!